How does it feel to be a fiction?

Please read the following carefully

How does it feel to be a fiction? is a digital performance that mirrors the operation of a viral “email worm”—though with the active consent of participants. To participate in the performance, click on the buttons below that first ask you to IDENTIFY yourself with your Google log-in information and then CONSENT.


Once you consent to your participation by clicking on the buttons and entering your Google log-in information, you will be granted access to one of a series of texts. The text changes with each new edition of the piece. When are granted access to the text, an email will be sent from your name ( ) to all of the email addresses stored in your Gmail account. This email is an invitation to new readers to participate in the performance.


Once you consent and log-in the first time, you can sign in and out of the website to view without any more emails being sent. The email addresses of your contacts are not stored, and your contacts will not be impacted by the “viral” mechanism outside of receiving this one email unless they choose to follow the link and actively consent to participate in the piece.


If you do not see any buttons at the bottom of your page, please disable your ad blocker and refresh the page.